Speaking at Help for Haiti, 2010
Speaking at Help for Haiti
Bringing a speaker in to motivate, encourage, or teach is an important decision. When it comes to speaking, my goal is to communicate clearly, passionately, and creatively to bring the message to life. I don’t want listeners to go away with nothing to hold onto. I want them to leave with something life-enriching in their toolbox that they can return to time and again. I feel the best speakers evoke a desire for change in some area of their listeners’ lives. It might be a small nudging that’s been nagging at them for a while. There might be a huge spotlight shone on a behavior or attitude that is hindering success. My goal is for each person I get the privilege to talk to or teach to be glad they’ve spent the time with me.

I’ve been blessed to speak to many audiences over the years on topics such as: Christian Living, Marriage, Parenting, Creative Writing, Goal Setting, Passionate Living, Friendships, and Loving Well. I’ve spoken to audiences as intimate as a dozen people and to crowds of several thousand. I’ve shared the stage with legendary athletes such as Carl Lewis and have also been emcee for local fundraisers. Talk to me about your needs and we can see if I would be a good fit for your event.

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