BIG Awesome Letters

Last year I decided I wanted to save my $$ and get those super big letters to use in decorating my classroom. As English Language Arts is my thing, I decided I wanted to get READ and WRITE. Hobby Lobby has the big paper box letters on sale this week, so I picked them up. As a fan of Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes genius, I decided to give it a try to cover my letters in Calvin & Hobbes comic strips. I am thrilled with how it came out!
1. Supplies: Letters, Mod Podge (for paper on paper), brush, tempera or acrylic paint, exact-o knife, comics
IMG_53782. I painted the edges of the letters first. I used an orange color because many Calvin & Hobbes comics have Hobbes in them, and I thought the orange would go nicely with the tiger orange of Hobbes. 🙂

3. I pulled the color comics out of the book and trimmed the white border from around the page edges. I laid them face down on my table.


4. Using my brush, I brushed the Mod Podge all across the face of my letter. Then I placed the letter face down on top of the spread out comics.

IMG_53805. I left it face down for an hour, then turned it over and added Mod Podge under any places where the comics overlapped.

IMG_53816. I let it sit overnight. Then, I turned it over and used the Exact-o knife to trim around the letter, cutting away the extra paper.

IMG_53837. I repainted any orange areas that needed it and covered the entire front surface with a layer of the Mod Podge. I love, love, love them!If you make any big awesome letters, share them with me, I’d love to see them!


An Integrity Challenge!

mosesI came across this lil image from a teacher whose student listed the Ten Commandments as he remembered them. I love it. I would happily do the nae nae with this kid any time. Then we’ll play outside before we punch Hitler on our way to the bank. And we’ll do it while being kind.

The things we say we value and the things we actually truly value are not always congruent. I can say I value a healthy lifestyle, but if I regularly eat foods that are unhealthy, if I drink things that have no health value, and if I find excuses not to exercise, then really, what I say has no meaning at all.

Integrity is a great word. It means you are whole and undivided in thought, words, and actions.  THE CHALLENGE: Over the next week I am going to make a list of the ten things I would say, right now, that I truly value. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to pay attention to my actual behaviors and see if what I do on a daily basis has integrity with my stated values. I am hopeful that this will bring to light areas where what I say and what I do don’t line up.

If anyone wants to join me in this Integrity Challenge I’d love to hear from you. What ten things do you value? Does your day reflect them?


Joy is a Squeak Away

People disappoint us. People say mean things.
People are short-sighted. People are selfish.
Sometimes you want to cross your arms and shrink into yourself.
I do.
Closing off from others is a protective measure, especially when you’ve been hurt.

squeakyshoesLet Jesus be the squeaky-shoes in your heart.
When you want to be mad, let His voice squeak words of love.
He wants you to see the person who’s wronged you as He does.
As someone who needs a squeak of love in their own heart.
It’s hard to stay mad when you’re wearing squeaky shoes. Those are true words!
It’s hard to stay mad when you listen to Jesus. Those are true words, too!

Enjoy this cute video from Metacafe.


The word God has given to me to keep in the forefront of my mind as we begin 2016 is the word CHOOSE.

Joshua 24:15 reads: “If serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…”

Moment by moment we make choices.
We choose whether to work hard or slack off.
We choose if we will be faithful or disloyal.
We choose whether to speak up or shut up.
We choose whether to be really kind or really mean.
We choose what our bodies do, what our lips say, what our eyes see, what our ears hear.
We choose whether we count ourselves among God’s children.
We choose whether to be on God’s team or to pit ourselves against Him.

I tell my kids nearly every day as they head off to school, “Make good choices.” This year, I am reminded that I, too, must make good choices. I choose every day whom I will serve. I commit this year to be found faithful more often and to choose loyalty to the One who died for me.

That’s my word and verse for this year. If God has given you a word or verse, I’d love to hear it.