CoCos BananasKids with autism often go through periods where meal times are a challenge. Whether kids can’t eat foods due to sensory issues, or they won’t because of familiarity with the things they like; it’s hard to say. But the end result is often frustration for everyone.

When my son Cooper was little, he was extremely limited in what he would eat. There was a brief period when all he wanted was one particular brand of pizza and Oreos. At that time, I wrote the story CoCo’s Bananas. For years I hoped he would draw some pictures to go along with the story. At first, he struggled to take the text and connect it with the art of drawing his own pictures to go with it. It took a while, and finally, he was able to do it. Touch Publishing–through the Triangle & Square program– has released CoCo’s Bananas with Cooper’s exact illustrations. Cooper is so happy to see his work in a real book. His self-esteem and sense of accomplishment has skyrocketed.

ISBN: 978-1-942508-06-9 You can buy CoCo’s Bananas for $7 plus shipping through me or look for it on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

kimcoopWe’ve receive such positive feedback from moms and dads of special needs kids and early readers. We hear such cool things like:

“My son wants me to read this book every night!”

“My son carries CoCo everywhere!”

“We need a new copy because ours is already worn out!”

These comments warm my heart and if you have a positive review or experience with CoCo’s Bananas I’d love to hear it.

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