kimberlyIf we could hang in my kitchen and share a cup of coffee, I’d look you in the eye and ask you to tell me about YOU. I’d enjoy that more than talking about myself. But you are here to see if you want to subscribe to my blog or buy my books or maybe even bring me in to speak at your event, so here is a snapshot of who I am. If you can see a little bit of yourself in my own life experiences, then we’ve found common ground and maybe that cup of coffee will come later.

I have been writing for more than 20 years. (Actually I started writing in fourth grade, but no one paid me for it until I was 24.) I’ve got 3 kids and my oldest son has autism. He is 16 now. Autism is hard. And it makes life full. It is a hands-on teacher and brews many tears. But when the tears are over, there is joy. Joy that we made it and joy that we’ve learned something that will help us the next time a challenge comes around. Autism keeps me on my toes. I share many lessons learned through autism.

kim thrasher gymnast penn stateI grew up doing gymnastics. I trained for USA Gymnastics, but didn’t make the Olympic team. Not making the Olympics wasn’t so bad, though, as I was ranked #1 in the nation for high school gymnasts and went to Penn State on a full gymnastic scholarship. I love the sport and am honored to be a Nittany Lion alumna. I share many lessons learned through elite sports; especially when speaking to student sport teams.

I am a teacher who endeavors to fill young learners with passion to spell things correctly, to think before they write, to be critical with what they read, and to be kind to one another. I am currently doing this at a high school in the DFW area for 9th grade students.

When I am not teaching, I travel, speak, and teach at workshops, events, and conferences. Sometimes I speak together with my husband to couples or parents and sometimes I’m on my own to teach the messages God’s put on my hears.

In addition to writing my own books, I use my writing skills to help authors produce really great books that people love to read and talk about afterward. I coach, edit, interview, write, plan, and edit some more. I can help make a good book shine more brightly.

familySo, to sum up, I write books, I help other people write books, I speak internationally, and I’ve got an amazing husband and three kids. I enjoy coffee more than I probably should, I get overly excited about football (especially if the Dallas Cowboys or Penn State is playing), and my idea of a great night is snuggling up with my husband on the couch and watching a movie.

You can visit my speaking page to learn more about the topics I am most often asked to speak and teach on. My blog includes the life lessons I learn and things I think you might find interesting. I’ve poured bits of my soul into my books and it would honor me greatly for you to not only read them, but then let me know what you thought.