Grand Canyon

My family and I returned this week from our first trip to the Grand Canyon. Forget healthcare and work assistance–the government should provide a free trip to the Grand Canyon for every American. I knew it would be big. I mean, it IS called the GRAND Canyon. But when we stepped off the shuttle bus, and I caught my very first look, my breath caught in my throat. It was beautiful. The expanse between me and the other side was filled with a beauty I simply wasn’t prepared for. It was dreamy. I can’t imagine that those cliffs out there are real, firm, hard, stone that can be touched because it presents as untouchable. It was honorable to be in the presence of God’s Creation in that way. The same God who allowed the green way across the street from my house allowed the canyon to be shaped. Yet, I have no awe for the green way across from my house. I should, perhaps.

If you go, stay for a sunset. Please. It will fill your heart with happy and wonder. Let me know of your experiences at the Grand Canyon. I’d love to hear them.



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