An Integrity Challenge!

mosesI came across this lil image from a teacher whose student listed the Ten Commandments as he remembered them. I love it. I would happily do the nae nae with this kid any time. Then we’ll play outside before we punch Hitler on our way to the bank. And we’ll do it while being kind.

The things we say we value and the things we actually truly value are not always congruent. I can say I value a healthy lifestyle, but if I regularly eat foods that are unhealthy, if I drink things that have no health value, and if I find excuses not to exercise, then really, what I say has no meaning at all.

Integrity is a great word. It means you are whole and undivided in thought, words, and actions.  THE CHALLENGE: Over the next week I am going to make a list of the ten things I would say, right now, that I truly value. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to pay attention to my actual behaviors and see if what I do on a daily basis has integrity with my stated values. I am hopeful that this will bring to light areas where what I say and what I do don’t line up.

If anyone wants to join me in this Integrity Challenge I’d love to hear from you. What ten things do you value? Does your day reflect them?



Joy is a Squeak Away

People disappoint us. People say mean things.
People are short-sighted. People are selfish.
Sometimes you want to cross your arms and shrink into yourself.
I do.
Closing off from others is a protective measure, especially when you’ve been hurt.

squeakyshoesLet Jesus be the squeaky-shoes in your heart.
When you want to be mad, let His voice squeak words of love.
He wants you to see the person who’s wronged you as He does.
As someone who needs a squeak of love in their own heart.
It’s hard to stay mad when you’re wearing squeaky shoes. Those are true words!
It’s hard to stay mad when you listen to Jesus. Those are true words, too!

Enjoy this cute video from Metacafe.

That’s A Thing?

thatsathing“You mean, that’s a thing?”

That question is asked often around our house. Our three kids (one teen, one tween, and one very smart 9 year old) are often amazed at what goes on in life. When something new crosses their path, something they haven’t conceived as possible until that very moment, they ask:

“You mean, that’s a thing?”
Chili in a bread bowl. “That’s a thing?”
Throwing away underwear in a public restroom (if need be). “That’s a thing?”
Having ice cream for supper. “That’s a thing?”

Our kids have had the benefit of much love, care, and encouragement in their first decade of life. We live in a home where food is consistently provided. Our beds are warm and they don’t have to share. If they have a problem, David or I come to the rescue. They are by no means coddled, but they know we are here.

January 12, 2010 the worst earthquake recorded in the Western Hemisphere struck the country that had the fewest resources to handle it. There were already thousands of Haitian orphans; the earthquake made thousands more. There was already much sickness and death; the earthquake upped the numbers tremendously. The government already had challenges; the earthquake amplified them. Haiti is a beautiful country, and tucked within the beauty is much despair. Unfortunately many Haitian children don’t know that things could be better. They don’t know that regular meals are “a thing.” They don’t know that reading and writing is “a thing.” They don’t know that parental love and care is “a thing.” They only know day by day survival.

David and I have developed a vision to make nutrition and education “a thing” for Haitians. Yes, there are many orphanages already in Haiti, but guess what? They are overcrowded and there are children who will lose their caregivers this very day, this very hour, from malnutrition or disease and those children will need a place to go. Through our non-profit we want to change things for the children God will place in our path. Change begins with a vision for a new “thing.” It begins with even knowing that change is possible.

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This month, as Haiti marks off 6 years since that horrible day when the earthquake struck, I will share more news and faces from Haiti with you. Thanks for reading.